About Us

Queens Farm is a long established, family run unit farming business, covering an incredible 1,000 acres in total.

As well as farming the family behind Queens Farm also farm the land and store rice. The Lacey family as a team are also recognised for their involvement in charity work.

Charity Work

They have performed fundraising work alongside charities such as the British Legion in activities such as raising money through grass track racing and letting the charity pick sweetcorn from the Lacey farms and sell it on to raise money.

In 1998, the Lacey Charity Luncheon began. Raising Money for the Magpas Charity when a member of the Lacey family was injured in an accident. The family successfully raised £535.32 from the hosting an event from the comfort of their back garden. This motivated the family to hold another event in 1990 and they have held one every year since. So far raising an astonishing total of £230,000.

Professor David Neal and The Da Vinci Robot

A second charity the Lacey family continue to raise money for is Professor David Neal and The Da Vinci Robot at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge. The robot enables the team to remove prostate cancer with much more minimal risks and less side-effects to the patient, other benefits include the ‘keyhole’ nature of the invention means it is less painful and with a 80% less blood loss, and also, recovery time is must faster.

This robot equipment was funded entirely through charitable donations. The Lacey family have hosted a football tournament in aid of The Da Vinci Robot over the last four years and raised a fantastic £12,910.

See the total amounts the Lacey family have raised for charity over 25 years below:

1998 £535.32
1990 £1,042.50
1991 £1,039.65
1992 £1,500.00
1993 £1,487.25
1994 £2,234.00
1995 £2,592.00
1996 £3,338.00
1997 £4,029.55
1998 £5,187.00
1999 £6,759.00
2000 £8,067.10
2002 £7,673.10
2003 £8,374.00
2004 £12,657.94
2005 £12,657.94
2006 £12,542.00
2007 £15,047.30
2008 £20,005.00
2009 £16,418.81
2010 £16,465.29
2011 £18,000.00
2012 £24,395.12


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Queens Farm
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